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Soil Conditioners, Tackifiers, Irrigation Efficiency, Root Dip.

Soil Erosion Control

Soil porosity and poorly structured soils can be improved by using polyacrylamide to prevent soil erosion and loss of nutrients.

  • The cohesion of the soil is increased so that less sediment is entrained by water runoff. The result is an average reduction of 95% in erosion.
  • The porosity of the soil is conserved, maintaining good infiltration of the soil by water.
  • Nutrient leaching is reduced
  • Germination rate is improved

Water retainers for soil

Water is one of the most precious resources in the world, and modern agriculture consumes almost two thirds of the waters pumped worldwide. For this reason, the demand to conserve water supplies is increasing. The AquaSorb range(s) delete of products are water retainers that, when incorporated into the soil or substrate, will absorb and retain large quantities of water and nutrients to allow the plants to take up water and nutrients when it is required.

The Aquasorb range is particularly beneficial for:

  • Root germination to delay the wilting point and make it possible for plants to become established while waiting for the water regime to become adequate.
  • ¬†Horticulture to reduce the mortality rate due to transplanting shock and to enhance root development
  • Hydroseeding maintaining a minimum of surface water and permitting rapid sprouting of seedlings even in a dry area
  • Bare root dipping to prevent the desiccation of seedling roots during transplanting or transportation
  • Soil mixes to reduce water stress, ensuring that cuttings and seedlings grow faster whilst reducing the irrigation frequency
  • Fertilizers to reduce the leaching of nutrients in soil, producing better root development and longer lasting plants





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