Flobond Solves Irrigation Problems

Breaking : Flobond Crop tops Maize Association Competition

Congupna grower, Ross Heywood, has captured the Maize Association of Australia prize for the best yielding crop of 2019.  Ross had a yield of 20.58t/ha and credited Flobond with improving his water infiltration.  Ross grew the crop under a lateral move irrigator, just east of Shepparton, Vic.

“I saw much better infiltration across the paddock, and I was able to put on the water the crop needed.  This crop beat my previous best effort  on that block,of 17.5t,and I’m sure Flobond was part of that improvement.”

Award Winning Maize Grower, Ross Heywood


  • Improved water infiltration allows watering to meet tree demands
  • reduced runoff to inter row improves orchard traffic-ability
  • applied nutrients are delivered to the root zone

Note how water infiltrates around the dripper and doesn’t run off into the centre of the row

Centre Pivots

  • improved evenness of watering – no more wet spots and dry spots
  • improved infiltration means less water lost through evaporation
  • ability to put more water on per pass, meet crop demand

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What is Flobond??

  • Flobond is SNF’s agricultural grade Polyacrylamide (PAM)
  • Flobond is a fast acting, water applied anti crusting agent
  • Flobond improves water use efficiency
  • Flobond prevents soil dispersion and surface sealing
  • Flobond has been proven over many trials to improve infiltration by 10-50%
  • Flobond improves lateral movement of water through the profile
  • Flobond is a concentrated polyacrylamide emulsion

How Does it work???


Flobond is a polyacrylamide flocculant.  Flocculants work by aggregating fine particles suspended in water so that they can settle out.

Many irrigation soils are prone to dispersion (the breakdown of soil aggregates) which causes the formation of  crust or seal on the surface, and blockage of soil pores.

When Flobond is applied in irrigation water, the  flocculation reaction (above) happens at the soil surface.   Due to the flocculation reaction aggregates are stabilised and pathways for water infiltration are maintained and enhanced.

Scanning Electron Micrograph. Comparison of pore structure of Flobond (PAM) treated soil and untreated soil. Note the pore blockages in the untreated soil.


How do I know it will work??

  • Polyacrylamide has been proven to work in 30 years of experiments, field trials and commercial application
  • Click here to read about field trials performed worldwide.
  • Flobond is SNF’s Agricultural specification polyacrylamide


Polyacrylamide is an approved Natural Resource Conservation Practice Standard by the USA Department of Agriculture

PAM is very effective at improving infiltration and preventing soil loss from irrigation fields.  In the USA, after much testing, the Department of Agriculture has formally approved the use of PAM for this purpose.

SNF solves application problems

Polyacrylamides, while very effective, have proven difficult to apply on farm.  SNF has invested in the right equipment and people to get this problem sorted.

We use highly reliable progressive cavity pumps to meter the right dose for your crop.  We will come to your farm, assess your crop and soil, create an application plan and apply the product into your irrigation system.

No mess, no hassles!


Flobond in Action

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