SNF Australia

SNF (Australia) Pty Ltd has a certified Quality Management System applicable to:

Production, Sale, Warehousing and Distribution of Polyacrylamide and related polymers, development and provision of application Equipment.

Assessed and registered to:
AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015

SNF Australia ISO Certificate

We are fully committed to our Quality Policy which will assure our customers the delivery of quality products and services.

SNF Australia Quality Policy

Our Parent Company has a certified Quality Management System applicable to:

Design, Production and Marketing of:

  • Polymers based on acrylamide, acrylic, allylic, vinylic monomers.
  • PolyAMINES.
  • PolyDADMACS.
  • Dicyandiamide and melamine formaldehyde resins.
  • Acrylamide and derivatives.
  • Quaternized acrylic and allylic monomers.
  • Polymer make-up systems.
  • Additives for water treatment, metal chelating agents, defoamers, mineral coagulants and odour control.

Assessed and registered to:
NF EN ISO 9001:2015

SNF France ISO Certificate